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Louis Rice Co., LTD® supply jasmine rice, fragrant rice, white rice, medium rice, short rice, glutinous rice for exporting

JAPONICA RICE PREMIUM 5% BROKEN KDM RICE 5% BROKEN KINDS OF LOUIS RICE'S RICE The opening of Louis Rice Factory with the popular attention of public

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Dẻo, mềm cơm dù để nguội. Thơm dịu nhẹ, ngọt tự nhiên
Dẻo, mềm, thơm, ngọt
Thơm tự nhiên, dẻo mềm cơm
Dẻo - Mềm - Thơm đặc trưng
Cơm mềm xốp
Thơm nhẹ, cơm ngọt, dẻo, mềm, săn hạt
Thơm nhẹ, dẻo mềm, hơi dính, ngon cơm
Thơm, mềm, ngọt cơm

About us

Louis Rice is a leading company in the field of export and import of rice in Vietnam. With many years of experience, Louis Rice has been building a Vietnam rice brand of high quality that meets the most stringent requirements in terms of quality from the global market such as Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai...

Louis Rice Factory , which has the large scale, is located in Long An province with the first total investment of over 3.7 million $ on an area of ​​02 ha. Drying capacity of our plant reaches 1000 tons / a day and the final product reaches 400 tons / day. By using a line of innovative rice color sorter machinery and a modern line of vacuum bagging, Louis Rice meets the diversity of bag models.


Louis Rice brand name in the world
Exported white rice 5% broken to Africa market
Exported white rice 100% broken to Durban
Exported white rice 5% broken and Jasmine to Mid-East
Exported premium japonica rice 5% broken to New Zealand