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LOUIS RICE'S FACTORY is located at 226 Hamlet 3, Tan Dong Commune, Thanh Hoa District, Long An Province – a rich land rich of alluvial soil and the heart of the rice producing region of Cuu Long Delta in Viet Nam.


Nhà máy xay xát và đánh bóng gạo Louis Rice nhìn từ trên cao

 Louis Rice milling and polishing Factory View from above

1.     Establishment of Louis Rice Factory

The Louis Rice Rice Plant is located at 226 Hamlet 3, Tan Dong Commune, Thanh Hoa District, Long An Province – a rich land rich of alluvial soil and the heart of the rice producing region of Cuu Long Delta inViet Nam.

Louis Rice Import-Export Company is constantly expanding and upgrading its modern facilities so that Louis Rice Factory becomes one of the large-scale plants in the Mekong Delta.

2.     Development of Louis Rice Factory

Preparing for the transformation, Louis Rice Factory will undergo two phases of restoration and restructuring:

At the first stage with a total investment of approximately 100 billion VND to expand the factory with an area of up to 2 hectares and  impressively productive performance:

-         Drying capacity: 1000 tons / day

-         Peeling capacity :300 tons / day

-         White milling and polishing capacity: 400 tons/ day

-        Color sorting capacity: 18 tons / hour

-        Vacuum-bagged capacity: 500 bags per hour

With this performance, Louis Rice Factory confidently meets all the large and small orders at home and abroad.

Phát triển nhà máy gạo Louis Rice - Giai đoạn 1

Development of Louis Rice Factory at the first stage


| LThe opening of Louis Rice Factory with the popular attention of public

3.     Promotion of exporting potential of Louis Rice

The second period 2017 - 2018, Louis Rice Import Export Company will continue to carry out the expectation of boosting its export potential. During this period, Louis Rice will officially start the construction for a clean rice plant on an area of 1 hectare equipped with a closed chance and modern machine next to the existing plant, capacity of factory reaches 300 tons per day.

Xây dựng nhà máy gạo sạch Louis Rice - Giai đoạn 2 Diagram of development and construction of Louis Rice clean rice Factory at the second stage

4.     Standards of Louis Rice

Louis rice products are milled and packaged in Food Safety Standard, product quality is assessed by the Department of Standard and Quality, production process meets the standards of HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005. Our products are vacuum-bagged, this is the most modern method to preserve rice today, and this keeps the full taste and quality of rice to the hands of consumers. Louis Rice commits to all customers that our products sold by Louis Rice always meet the standards of quality with 5 criteria:

-        No residue of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and heavy metals: Pesticide is the common name for the chemicals used in rice cultivation to kill worms, diseases, weeds, rodents... to protect plants. However when getting them, the human body is poisoned with pesticides that cause disturbances in the nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive respiration, excretion, pathological damage or death.

-        Do not use preservative chemicals: To preserve rice in a long time without being moldiness and termites, many sellers spray chemicals on rice bags.

-        Do not use chemicals to make aroma: Some types of rice are also flavored to create attractive aromas. This amount of chemicals will accumulate in the body and produce some diseases, even cancer.

-        No mixing: Many sellers mix many kinds of rice to get more profit; even they are willing to mix some rice of unknown origin. This decreases the taste of product and the quality is not worth your money.

-        No paddy, termite or impurity: It not only loses the sensory value of rice, but also affects the health of consumers.

Các loại gạo thương mại của Louis Rice - Bao bì 5kg

Kinds of Louis Rice rice on the market- 5Kg bag