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1.     How many types of rice does Louis Rice sell in the market?

Louis Rice has 8 types of rice currently being sold:

- Glutinous Rice

-  Japonica Rice

- Fragrant Rice

- Jasmine Diamond Rice

- Jasmine Platinum Rice

- Jasmine Gold Rice

- Broken Rice

- Vietnamese Rice

2. What are the differences between Louis Rice rice and rice in the market?

During the cultivation process, Louis Rice always commits:

-        Do not use chemical fertilizers

-        Do not use pesticides

 Production line of Louis Rice with the most advanced equipment to produce the highest quality rice grains.

Furthemore, what distinguishes Louis Rice from other types of rice is the vacuum-packed 5kg rice bag, this ways will keep the full taste and aroma of rice.

3. What is the price and quality of Louis Rice?

Louis Rice meets the standard of ISO, HACCP ... For detailed information about the specific price for your required rice, please contact hotline 08 88 599 599 for more information.

4. I want to buy rice Louis Rice, how should I do?

To buy rice fast:

Call the hotline 08 88 599 599 for specific instructions

Go to the nearest dealer in your area

Order Louis Rice at the website: www.louisrice.vn

5. How much rice do I buy for free delivery?

Customers buy 25kg or more, we will have door-to-door delivery as soon as possible.

6. I want to buy a small amount of rice, can I have door-to-door delivery service?

Customers buy a small amount of rice, we also will deliver to your house, customers will pay a fee depending on the distance.

City: 15,000 VND (may vary slightly)

Suburban: 20,000 VND (may vary slightly)

7. I live in another city, can I get rice delivered to home?

For remote clients (not in Ho Chi Minh City), when placing order is still delivered to the house. Due to high freight rate, consumers have to pay shipping fees.

8. How can I pay?

In the form of money transfer:

Customers buy rice in bulk (from 20 million VND or more) and have contracts with us, please transfer money to this account:

SCB BANK – Branch 20/10


BANK ACCOUNT (VND): 0780.1079.6226.0001

Customers buy rice with the amount of 20 million VND or less, transfer to account:


BANK ACCOUNT (VND): 0601 2954 5227



BANK ACCOUNT (VND): 0780 1088 6802 0001

Bank: SCB BRANCH 20/10

For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, you can pay cash to the company's warehouse staff after receiving full information about the order.

9. What should I do if you get some problems with your rice?

Before receiving goods, customers will have right to check the status of rice.

When you see the error of the rice from manufacturers:

-        Rice is moldy

-        Rice has insects

-        Rice smells strange.

Please call +84.888.599.599.

Louis Rice will contact the nearest dealer to return the goods to the customer.

10. How long does it take to receive my rice order?

Louis Rice will deliver rice immediately after receiving orders from customers, the delivery time is about  2-3 hours from the time of placing your order. The rice deliverer of Louis Rice will call the customer before delivery (To avoid delivering when the customer is away.)