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Jasmine Platinum Rice

Product code: LR-JP
Properties of rice: Thơm nhẹ, dẻo mềm, hơi dính, ngon cơm

Jasmine Plum Rice is long, transparent, not chalky and nice, which meets the taste of consumers. Rice is soft, fragrant, delicious and even though rice is soft after cooling down.

Product Detail

In recent years, Vietnam's fragrant rice export has grown quite well and Jasmine Platium is considered as the most competitive rice in the world rice market. So Jasmine Platium is being selected as the key rice to build the national rice brand.

Jasmine Plum Rice is long, transparent, not chalky and nice, which meets the taste of consumers. Rice is soft, fragrant, delicious and even though rice is soft after cooling down.

 How to keep full taste of rice and avoid termites and humidity:

- If you want to keep in a short time, you can put into a plastic bucket or aluminum containers, steel containers ... to eat slowly and avoid places that are humid and too much light because it will reduce the rice tasty.

- If you want to store rice for a long period, you should leave rice into bags to avoid air because rice has moisture adsorption that will lead to deterioration in grain and reduce rice tasty.

- Placing rice at least 20cm above the ground to ensure that the rice does not get wet and checking regularly bags of rice, replace them when seeing signs of damage.


Bảo quản gạo đúng cách giúp chất lượng gạo được tốt hơn

 Jasmine Diamond contains essential ingredients for the body such as rice starch, protein, fat, vitamins B1, niacin, vitamin C, calcium, iron ... so it can provide nutrition, calories needed for muscle card.

Don’t contain many vitamins A, C, D as other vegetables, but rice contains a large amount of vitamins B1, B2 niacin, vitamin E, iron, zinc and calcium, magnesium, potassium. , ...

When coming into our body, they are converted to glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose. Therefore, eating many rice, the increased amount of starch will be converted into energy for us. 

100g of rice will have 0.07mg of B1, which helps the body to digest glucose and gain more energy. In addition, it also supports nerve and heart cells and contain about 0.02mg B2( Riboflavin), which is essential for the production of energy and the growth of the tissues of the eyes and skin.

100g white rice will contain 1.8mg Niacin - an important ingredient for glucose separation and stabilization of nervous system activity.

Louis Rice products are milled and packaged in Food Safety Standard, product quality is assessed by the Department of Standard and Quality, production process meets the standards of HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005. Our products are vacuum-bagged, this is the most modern method to preserve rice today, this keeps the full taste and quality of rice to the hands of consumers. Louis Rice commits to all customers that our products sold by Louis Rice always meet the standards of quality with 5 criterias:

+ No residue of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and heavy metals

+ Do not use chemical preservatives.

+ Do not use chemicals to make aroma

+ Do not mix.

+ No star paddies, termites or impurities

Louis Rice products meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality from the global market such as Europe, America, Dubai,... Louis Rice has been building a high quality Viet Nam rice brand. Below is a table of rice exported standards:

  Sheets (%, max)   5%
  Humidity (%, max)   14.5%
  Each level  (%, max)   0.1%
  Chalkiness (%, max)   3%
  Damaged grain (%, max)   0.3%
  Red beads (%, max)   0.5%
  Gold particles (%, max)   0.5%
  Rice mix (%, max)   15%
  Rice purity  (%, min)   90%
  Grain   10 grain / kg
  Milling Polishing    2 times

a table of rice exported standards

Step 1:

Take the accuracy amount of rice for each cooking time, generally a person consumes about 150g of rice in a meal, you can based on your demand to adjust.

Step 2:

Washing the rice to remove dirty and admixtures. Absolutely no strong hands to massage rice to avoid losing the vitamins B1, B12 ... in rice husks.

Step 3:

Soaking rice for 30 minutes (if you have time) before cooking will make rice spongier so that the rice is thoroughly cooked rice, not crushed and more delicious.

Step 4: Measure out the amount of water, it depends on the type of rice and your favourite. Cooking basic principle is a cup of rice = a cup of water+1/2 cup,  For example, cooking a bowl of rice, you will take 1,5 cup of water, 2 bowls of rice with 2,5 cups of water. Or you can also use the level scale of water inside the pot (if there).

Step 5: Add a little salt, butter or oil (if you like)

This will help the rice beautiful, blond and limit rice burn at the bottom of the pot and rice has spicy

Step 6: Cook

Wipe outside the pot with a dry rag, make sure the surface of cooker is dry before placing the pot into the cooker.

Step 7:

When finishing cooking, the pot goes to keeping warm, and you can unplug it and leave it without opening in 10-15 minutes, it makes the surface of rice dry and have rice cooked well, grains are not stick to the pot’s bottom. Ending the process of cooking, open the lid and dig rice well.

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