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Jasmine Gold Rice

Product code: LR-JG
Properties of rice: Thơm, mềm, ngọt cơm

Jasmine Gold originated from purebred rice varieties with high genetic traits, high aroma and low amylose content, which was bred from the traditional hybrid method.

Product Detail

Jasmine Gold originated from purebred rice varieties with high genetic traits, high aroma and low amylose content, which was bred from the traditional hybrid method.  Jasmine Gold rice has long grain, milky white, light aroma. Comes less plastic and soft, spongy. When cooking is fragrant, suitable for office rice

Many families buy rice for a long time to eat without knowing that if left untreated for long time, it will lead to malfunction, mold, ... make the rice damaged can not use or use. It will lose the taste of rice when you hear the smell of mold or other things in rice to make the meal is not as good as before. This is a waste of money and effort to buy. Therefore, we should have the most reasonable way of preserving to avoid wastage.

The first thing to keep fresh rice fresh and nutritious, it is best to buy fresh rice. When choosing to buy carefully check whether the rice is colorless or in rice with larvae, cocoons, ...

Rice is a hygroscopic food so you need to keep the place cool, dry as in the cabinet or kitchen. Avoid placing near high humidity or direct sunlight. Sunlight and moisture can make rice quality deteriorate, or it may lose the flavor and nutrient content of indispensable foods in every meal.

Most food foods can be stored for several months if stored properly. And it will be a few more months if you store them in low temperatures like refrigerators. However, you should not spend more than 1 year.

Maybe it was not strange to everyone because this is really the staple food of Vietnamese families. Although everyday you still cook rice but never wonder what rice will give us the nutrients? Today, Louis Rice will work with you to discover the nutritional value of rice!

Not contain many vitamins A, C, D as other vegetables, but rice contains a large amount of vitamins B1, B2 niacin, vitamin E, some iron, zinc and calcium, magnesium, potassium. , ...

When converted to glucose, glucose, glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, and glucose molecules combine to form glucose. Therefore, eat more rice, increased amount of starch will be converted into energy for humans.

Being easy to digest food, rice also provides the body with a good protein bile for human health. Proteins provide amino acid molecules that make up the envelope, enzymes, antibiotics and hormones.

Thiamin (vitamin B1) content in 100g of rice will have 0.07mg of B1, which helps the body to digest glucose and gain more energy. In addition, it also supports nerve and heart cells.

Riboflavin contains about 100 grams of about 0.02mg B2, which is essential for the production of energy and the growth of the tissues of the eyes and skin.

The Niacin ingredient in 100g white rice will contain 1.8mg Niacin - an important ingredient for good glucose separation and stabilization of nervous system activity.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in vitamin A and antioxidant lipids in the cell and protects against tissue damage in the body.

The most commonly used rice is used to cook rice daily. Rice sweet, cool, help regulate tastes, diuretic, treatment of loose stool or dysentery. Especially, when using rice porridge white rice will help resolve and quench thirst, avoid dehydration.

However, it is very unfortunate that during the period of white rice, the B group vitamins have been lost; until the rice is broken, the remaining vitamin B is also water-soluble and results in only starchy rice. Vegetable protein. For brown rice (rice only peels the husk to leave the bran layer), it will be fully preserved.

ouis Rice's Jasmine Gold Rice is milled and packaged in accordance with Food Safety and Hygiene standards, quality is assessed by the Bureau of Standards, Quality, HACCP standards, ISO 22000 : 2005. Louis Rice's rice is vacuum-packed, this is the most modern way of preserving rice, keeping the taste and quality of rice to the consumer's satisfaction and commitment to all consumers. Found that the product sold by Louis Rice always reached the quality standard with criterion 5:

No residue of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and heavy metals: Pesticides are the common name for the chemicals used in rice cultivation to kill insects, diseases, weeds and insects. Harm and rodents to protect plants, the human body is poisoned with pesticides manifested in many levels such as health deterioration, disturbances in the nervous system, cardiovascular, Digestive respiration, excretion, pathological damage in the body from mild to severe even disability or death.

Do not use preservative chemicals: To preserve long-term non-moldy rice, many business incubators sprayed with insecticides and molds and chemicals around rice bags.

Non-marinated, flavored chemical fragrance: Some types of rice are also flavored aromas create attractive aromas. This amount of chemicals will accumulate in the body and produce some diseases, even cancer.

No mixing: No items can be bought as easily as rice. As soon as you step out of the house, you can immediately meet the shop selling all kinds of rice with different names, prices and quality. The rice here is sold as unpacked, labeled, may be pretended, mixed. Someone said that consumers are too easy to eat when they eat rice, this claim is true, consumers are buying rice at the store, accept the use of rice without knowing the origin, quality of rice how.

It is not a barley, termite or impurities: it not only loses the sensory value of rice, but when eaten will affect the health of consumers.

Louis Rice's rice products meet the strictest requirements of quality from markets such as Europe, USA, Japan, Dubai, ... Louis Rice has been building a brand of rice. High quality male. Below is the standard table for export rice:
Plate (%, max) 5%
Humidity (%, max) 14.5%
Percentage (%, max) 0.1%
Abdominal silver (%, max) 3%
Broken nut (%, max) 0.3%
Red bean (%, max) 0.5%
Yellow seeds (%, max) 0.5%
Mix rice (%, max) 15%
Rice puree (%, min) 90%
Grain of 10 grains per kg
Milling Polishing 2 times

| Standard table of clean rice by Louis Rice


Step 1: Measure the rice

Every 150g of rice is equivalent to 2 cups of rice. Should you note nhé. Most of us use a can of milk, so how many grams of milk? The rice is very important, not correct, not good rice.

Step 2: Wash the rice

Just sing once. Vo too much loss of nutrients in the husk of rice. Take advantage of water to wash your face, watering plants ... very good!

If you have time, soak the rice about 30 minutes before cooking: This way to help the rice blossom, beautiful, delicious rice, cooked well.

Good or bad rice, dry or plastic is due to water.

Step 3: Add spices

When this step came, many housewives were surprised, even not sure why cooked rice for spices. However, in fact add a little salt, butter or oil to the rice to help the rice does not stick and rice seeds are spicy. It is possible to give a spoonful of cooking oil, a pinch of salt or butter if desired.

Step 4: Cook rice

Remember to dry the outside and then to the rice cooker, if not when the pot will have a blast and will break faster. After placing the rice cooker in place, press button.

Step 5: Boil rice

When the rice cooker switch to "warm" mode, then you open the lid and then use the rice cooker to ripe rice and then cover the rice cooker lid again. Then about 5 - 7 minutes you pull out immediately, leaving the lid open for 10-15 minutes.

Finally open the lid, scatter over rice, and enjoy.

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